Telion ka phatak

Monument Type: Gate
NameTelion ka phatak
Alternate NameHaveli Nawab Hauz Muzaffar Khan ka Darwaza
LocationTurkman Gate
Old Delhi, Delhi
TimingsSunrise - Sunset
Coordinates28.643916258519202, 77.2318669075011
Telion ka Phatak, built in the early Mughal period is called so as the gateway leads to houses of telis (Oil dealers). The structure is two bays deep and has multi-foliated arched openings. On either sie of the gateway are projections with semi circular arched openings on the first floor level. The gate was the main entrance to the house of Sayyid Muzaffar Khan, a nobleman of the Court of Shah Jahan. He encountered and killed Khan Jahan Lodi when the latter rebelled against the Emperor in the year 1630-31 A.D. and was rewarded with a mansab of 5,000 horses, and received the title of Khan Jahan.

How to reach Telion ka phatak

Goind inside Turkman Gate, towards Kalan Masjid, you will see the structure on your right.

Location of Telion ka phatak