Adam Khan's Tomb

Monument Type: Tomb
Adam Khan’s Tomb lies behind the Qutub Complex and falls within the Lal Kot. Here lies the foster brother of Akbar along with his mother, the wet nurse of Akbar, Maham Anga. He was thrown from Red Fort (Agra) by Akbar as he killed Ataga Khan, husband of Ji Ji Anga, Akbar’s another wet nurse.
Qutub Minar as seen from Adam Khan's Tomb
View of Qutub Minar from Adam Khan's Tomb


External Enclosure

Enclosure wall of the Tomb premise

Corridors of the Tomb

This is an elevated lodhi style octagonal tomb with a corridor outside the central dome. Small minarettes stand on all edges of the octagon. Stars from the main road take you to the elevated platform, where this tomb stands. Two other entrance are situated towards rear, but are no longer used and are in bad condition. The center hall contains a restored grave, supposed to be of Adam Khan. However, the original grave was destroyed by britishers long back (see Destruction and Misuse)
Entire premise is enclosed within a boundry wall. Towards the back, lies dense forest and the walls of Delhi's ancient city, Lal Kot.

Death of Adam Khan and Maham Anga

Adam Khan was the foster brother of Mughal Emperor Mohd. Jallaluddin Akbar and son of Emperor's wet nurse Maham Anga. He was a nobleman in Emperor's army and was accussed of assasinating Akbar's foster father Ataga Khan, husband of another wet nurse of Akbar, JiJi Anga. History suggests that Akbar got very angry due to this and ordered to throw Adam Khan from the ramparts of Agra Fort multiple times to ensure that he is dead. Adam Khan's mother, MahamAnga died soon after that due to grief. Akbar then burried both Adam Khan and MahamAnga near the shrine of Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki and the famous Qutub Minar.

Bhool Bhulaiyya

This place is also known as Bhool Bhulaiyya (lybrinth). It got this name after several people mysteriously disappeared one night. It is said that a group came to mehrauli for marriage and all the relatives took shelter at this tomb in the night. Next day morning, not even a single person was to be found.
It is difficult to believe that somebody gets lost in the corridors of this tomb, but the dense forest of Lal Kot behind this stone structure is enough to consume an entire village.

Destruction and Misuse

Restored Grave of Adam Khan


Restored grave of Adam Khan. MahamAnga's grave's location is still unclear

During British Raj, the graves of Adam Khan and Maham Anga were destroyed from inside the tomb and building was converted into the rsidence of Lord Curzon from Bengal Civil Services. Later, it was converted to a Police Station and then a Post Office. After the post office was shifted to a better building, this place continued to serve as a rest house. After long time, this tomb recovered and one of the graves was restored. Since the location of grave of Maham Anga was not known, it was not restored.